Peak Fitness & Rehab of Palm Coast is recognized by clients as the “go to” destination in Flagler County to maximize your active lifestyle.  We provide comprehensive programs designed by physical therapists and strength and conditioning specialists that will have you looking, feeling and performing your best while remaining pain free.  Unlike overcrowded gyms that leave you feeling alone and with no direction, Peak Fitness & Rehab treats you like family. We give you the accountability and support you deserve by helping you reach your PEAK.


Making a Difference

Peak Fitness and Rehab of Palm Coast opened its doors on November 3rd, 2014 in the hopes of making a difference within their community. People are living longer today but many are not living the quality of life they desire. As people age, their joints have endured years and years of ongoing stress and moving freely may become more difficult. Their golf game suffers, their tennis game suffers, or maybe getting out of bed just isn’t what it used to be. Some people have gained weight over the years which is another factor interfering with their mobility. Others have suffered from injuries, surgeries, or a debilitating illness which have impacted their overall mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance.  Dave and Desiree Challice from Peak Fitness and Rehab want to help. They want people to live full and active lives by assisting them in achieving their goals of ultimate health and wellness.

Peak offers equipment based pilates, personal training, golf fitness, and concierge physical therapy services. Peak Fitness & Rehab is a professional fitness studio that is owned and operated by physical therapists. We are “movement specialists” and look at the body as a whole when designing our programs. Our training method at Peak Fitness & Rehab incorporates exercises that work on the bodies’ core as well as the bodies’ stabilizers throughout ones session.

Desiree is a Florida licensed physical therapist and she began her career in a level 1 trauma center in South Florida. During this time, she had also returned to her passioned sport of figure skating. She had returned to adult competitions after being away from the sport for numerous years. During this time, she turned her attentions to Pilates and discovered that it went hand in hand with physical therapy. She went on to become a certified Pilates instructor and changed her full-time status at the hospital to a per diem employee and began working with figure skaters and adults using the Pilates method of exercise. In 2005, after going back to school, she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has spent many years working with children and adults while combining both the Pilates method of exercise and her knowledge of physical therapy to enhance the lives and sports of both children and adults.

When Dave finished his college degree he pursued his passion of becoming a club pro. For 10 years Dave has worked all over the Metropolitan Section (NY) at clubs on Long Island, Westchester County and Fairfield County CT. During his time of working at these courses in the north Dave would work in Delray Beach, FL for the winter time. Dave decided to turn his attentions towards the fitness aspect for golfers after a friend told him about Dr. Greg Rose. Dave further researched the concept and became one of the first 50 certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Pros (level3) in the United States in 2007. He has since become certified as a Golf Instructor (level 2) and Junior Coach (level 2) with TPI. In order to help his clients better Dave furthered his education of the body and pursued a degree in PTA graduating with honors in 2010.


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Personal Training

The Personal Training services offered at Peak Fitness & Rehab involve traditional weight training as well as Functional Training.  Functional Training trains the muscle for the movement it is intended to perform.

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Pilates, (Puh-LAH-teez) was developed by Joseph H.  Pilates and was originally called "contrology".  Joseph H. Pilates was an ill child but became an avid exercise enthusiast studying different methods of exercise. 

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Golf Fitness

Have you ever wondered what the most important piece of equipment to your game is?   You will not find this piece of equipment in your golf bag because the truth is it is your own body, and it's amazing that no one would look at that as the answer.  The true missing link in most golfer's games is their own body’s mechanics.

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